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I'm present on a lot of sites, but I'm active on a few. These are the best places to keep an eye on if you want to see more of my work!

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Cool sites & neighbours

crotovane Fristi Lost Letters Appledust Hillhouse Sadgrl Online

Useful links

W3 schools - very easy to understand explanations from the very basics of html, css and more.
Sadrgl online - useful tools, tips and tutorials on how to start your site.
Solaria's guides useful and very well explained guides about css, javasctript and accessability.
Sadgrl layout builder - customizeable base layout builder.
Gallery code template gallery template that I use on this site as well
Eggramen css site templates that you can use or customize for your own site.
Zonelets - if you want to use your site as a blog
JavaScript effects for your site, like cursor and click effects
Gallery code template for a portfolio - microblog for your site
Notepad ++ - free software with helpful features for coding.
Photopea - photoshop in your browser for free
CBox free chatbox for your site


A lot of the graphics are from my own collection from the early-mid 2000s from my old sites, and the credits are lost to time along with the sites that used to host them - if you recognize something, please let me know!

Probably not a full list, but I did my best to credit artists for stamps and graphics on the site. And it's just a list of cool artist and sites where you can find cool things, so take a look!

Stamps & pixel art

Teppy My site's layout is based on a layout from them.
GodSquid The second layout of this site was based on their free layout.
Hillhouse - lots of cool code snippets, I used the code for the curio cabinet as a base of my own for the afternoon tea pixel club.