About my webcomic and comic work

I always loved drawing and telling stories. As a bookworm kid, my dream was to write a novel and illustrate it myself, simply because I wasn’t too familiar with comics at the time - but once I discovered that there was a medium where I could potentially do both the things I loved, there was no stopping me on my comic making journey. Throughout high school, during the 2000s anime and manga boom I had several short mangas published in small local amateur artists’ anthologies, and even organized and published two such anthologies with a friend.

After that, as I started to discover webcomics, I had lofty dreams of making the next best webcomic - or at the very least, after several failed attempts simply because I was overambitious and underprepared, just to finish a webcomic. Luckily, in 2016, after breaking my hand forced me to rethink what I wanted to do - I started a new comic, intent on finishing it - and in 2024, I can happily say, I did. Now onto the next one!



Tags & Tropes romance, soulmates, LGBTQ+, tea, slow burn
Completed original run between 2016-2023
Read on tapas (free) or buy a physical or digital copy in my shop.

Story Alec can see marks connecting potential soulmates. With the help of his friend, he sets out to help people meet their match, but he still has a lot to learn about love... and his own feelings. A story about soulmates, tea, and different kinds of love.

More Cupido is based on an original short comic I made many years ago. With the webcomic version, I wanted to expand on the themes of what a soulmate could be, and how being able to see these marks could affect someone, especially when that person is dealing with some feelings that the marks might not support. It’s the first long-running webcomic I finished.




Tags & Tropes fantasy, romance, drama, slow burn, ttrpg based, sword and sorcery, LGBTQ+
Ongoing currently on hiatus while being reworked
Read the first version on tapas or webtoon canvas

Story A thief, a lord, and a chance meeting. West and Lloyd come from very different backgrounds, but when they meet they develop a connection that changes everything, for better and for worse…

More Llost is loosely based on a now-finished ttrpg campaign I was a player in along with my friends, although the comic heavily focuses on my characters. It’s also my first fully scroll format comic that contains some animated elements too. I’m currently in the middle of reworking the comic in its entirety.


Short comics


Tags & Tropes personal, short, autobio, art, mental health
Complete 2015 Read on tapas

Story An autobiographical short comic about a lost artist trying to find a new path.
CTRL+Z was my thesis work graduating college, and it’s a personal story about my struggles leading up to, and during college. The comic was an experimental work and contains different mediums and animations.


Tags & Tropes personal, short, autobio, art, mental health, impostor syndrome, artblock
Complete 2019
Read Currently not online, published in Hullámtörés (a hungarian short comics anthology)

Story Another autobiographical short comic about my struggles with the pursuit of art as a carreer and impostor syndrome as an artist.

Somewhat of a sequel of CTRL+Z, hence the similar title, although both comics can be read and enjoyed separately. In 2020 CTRL+N won the Alfabéta Award for best short-form comic awarded by the Hungarian Comics Association.