Who am I

Name skatuya
Pronouns she/her
Age 30s
Job webcomic artist, freelance artist
Other stuff INFJ, cancer, left-handed, queer AND european

I always sucked at introductions, but hey, I'm skat, once upon a time, before social media overtook everything, I used to have a personal site (or multiple in my hayday) and I loved run that thing. I recently re-discovered the fun of having my own little corner of the internet, so here I am! I just used to love freely sharing my creations, writings and art with others without feeling like it all had to be perfectly presentable for social media content. So this is gonna be my little garden, and I'm just sowing the seeds, fingers crossed it'll grow into something cool!


Comics Nimona | The adventure zone | The wicked + the divine | Young Avengers | Watchmen |
Manga Delicious in dungeon | Witch hat Atellier | The summer Hikaru died | I want to be a wall | Blue period | BL metamorohosis | Skip to loafer | D.gray-man
Webcomics Stand Still, Stay Silent | Tiger, Tiger | Novae | Golden Hour | Ingress adventuring co.| Cosmoknights | Golden hour |
Games Disco Elysium | Night in the woods | Hades | Guild Wars 2 | Baldur's Gate 3 | Stardew Valley | Unpacking |
Movies Only yesterday | The Grand Budapest Hotel | Booksmart | Mean Girls | Knives Out | Howl's moving castle |
Shows Ghosts (BBC) | Derry Girls | Hannibal | Brush up life | Arcane | Yellowjackets |
Animes Mob psycho 100 | Mononoke | Yu Yu Hakuso | Trigun | Trigun Stampede | Full metal alchemist: Brotherhood | Slayers |
Books The song of Achilles | Good Omens | World War Z |
Other things tea, TTRPGS, sushi, mint-chocolate, salted caramel, cats, vintage things

And probably much more, because I constantly forget about everything I ever liked once I have to make a list or if someone asks.

Currently playing Baldur's gate 3| Nightingale | V rising | Lethal company | Dead by Daylight
Reading list Circe | Howl's moving Castle | The priory of the orange tree | The house in the cerulean sea

About the site

Started in early 2024, after I discovered neocities and rediscovered my love/nostalgia for personal sites. Steadily adding more pages, more ideas and just trying to have fun with it. I'm excited to see how the site will grow!

Past designs gallery